Wednesday, 30 November 2011

This call PKR family Bizness!
Suprem Leader Anwar Iblrahim (Father),President Kak Wan (Mother), Nurul Izzah Bt Anwar (Eldest Daughter of Pak Sheikh and Vice President of PKR)) and Nurul Nuha Anwar (future candidate of Nibong Tebal or Permatang Pauh itself) All In The Family To Be The Future Anwar's day dream Malaysian Government.  It Is Not Nepotism and Cronyism At The Most Despicable Level.

PKR THE COULDRON OF NEPOTISM & CRONYISM.Crazy people do the craziest things and it is Anwar Ibrahim craziness that tells him to put his two daughters and wife in the forefront of PKR's gibberish politics. It's all rubbish ! Yet PKR leaders and members are all quiet about it. It is an open secret in PKR that the four jokers will be members both in the Dewan Rakyat and State Legislative Assembly of Penang and Selangor respectively. No doubt that Anwar Ibrahim is the most richest and filthiest politician. Billions and millions in USD are secretly vouchsafed in faraway National Bank of Israel (until today never denied) not to mention in European countries such as Switzerland. Rainbow appears in the sky when the sun shines on to droplets of moisture in the earth's atmosphere. People say that there is a golden pot at the end of rainbow. That allegory is a sneak peek in to the Malaysian politics in future that is when Malaysians are too late to realize that they are future slaves for Anwar Ibrahim dynasty.

Can Rakyat Malaysia think and analyze this kind leader? Is PKR a family bizness company of Anwar & family? 
Why the PKR leaders silent on this? Are they taking care of their positions? Yet some of the leaders like Padang Serai MP YB N.Gobalakrishnan, Zulkifli Nordin, Zahrai were openly critisised him! Still today Anwar never take any action against them!

This so called opposition leader never raised a single question for Indians betterment in Parliament yet he wants Indians votes! He is trying to horse riding on Indians! Dividing Indian leaders in PKR and ruling! 

All the Indians must boycott this PKR and oppositions at all! Malaysians must strip their musk! Knock your heart ask yourself!


(Thanks Marg)

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Every Indian must lodge a police report against Pantai Remis state assemblyman 
Mr Nga Kor Ming
Nga Kor Ming

Pantai Remis state assemblyman made a bad remark on Dato Seri Zamry the Perak Menteri Besar! As a learned man he shouldn't have came out with this kind of racist statement! His statement sounds as "Haram jadah and black metalic refering to Zamry's colour.
Furthermore, the word "haram jadah" is insulting a person's birth! This is the true face of DAP leaders! Its totally a racist statement insulting all the Indiansin Malaysia! All Indians must come out and lodge a police report against him!

As today, Perak MIC Youth and Perak IPF State chairman Vasu lodged a report against him! Kudos to both of them! What are the other Perak MIC leaders doing? Please come out and show your Black Metalic power by lodging police report against this Nga Kor Ming!

I am very sure that DAP will not take any action on Nga Kor Ming for his bloody remarks! Why not Indians? Sorry to say DAP Indians will be silent on this matter! They are Mandors! 

Monday, 28 November 2011

Is DAP willing to take action on YB Nga Kor Ming for his racist statement?

His statement in Malays says "Menteri Besar black metalic bastard comes with submarine using back door!"

Is DAP is racist party? If no Proof it by taking action on Nga Kor Ming! for evidence please visit too! You will find out a real racist!

In YB Manoharan Malayalam case DAP suspended him in 24 hour. However they lifted the suspension. Because they can't take action on Lim Guan Eng for his badd remarks on Johor state. People must think wisely. DAP all the while practicing double statndard!

In YB Mano's case they can take action but Nga Kor Ming's case the DAP and its leadership keep silent! Some Indian DAP leaders even worst. They voiced against Mano! But Nga's case keeping silent! And behave as a Mandor!

Ask yourself  DAP is not racist party?  THE TRUTH ALWAYS HURTS!
He always roar for his beloved son Lim Guan Eng only!

Lim Guan Eng made bad remark on Johor state!
Suspended for 6 months and lifted the suspension to safe Lim Guan Eng


After the winning in 12th General Election in Batu Kawan Parliamentary contituent Dr.P.ramasamy went to the Batu Kawan Estate folks many are cattle breeders and made a promise to get a land for them to set up cage for their cattle!

Its happened in 2008! Until todate the promise remain as apromise. And the promise never fulfilled! Its became an empty promise. this is what the breeders told!

One of the breeders named as A.Nagenthiran told during GE12 campaigning time he took Ramasamy door to door in Batu Kawan Estate and ask the people there to vote for him.

The cattle breeders in Batu Kawan having their own registered society called PERSATUAN PENTERNAK-PENTERNAK BATU KAWAN DAN SIMPANG AMPAT and having 100 over official members.

They met with Dr. P. Ramasamy many times regarding this land matter. DAP MPSP councilor too!! In fact they sent email to Penang Chief Minister Mr LimGuan Eng. Hence no reply.

Today, the cattle breeders in Batu Kawan facing many problems with Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai.
1) Middle of the night they catch their cattle and without inform them and auction it after 3 days.
2) Sometimes they pay fine up to RM500 to the MPSP per cattle.
3) Without proper land they find difficulty in getting subsidies from relevant authories.

This problem prolongs! But what happened to to promise DR.Ramasamy made to this people. This people said already made their to boycott Dr.Ramasamy if he contested in Batu Kawan again!

Can Dr.P.Ramasamy  look into their request!

Or this is another Empty Promise? More news will come soon!


Saturday, 26 November 2011

SJK(T) Paya Besar akan jadi sekolah yang baru akan didirikan di Paya Besar DUN Lunas Kedah. Perkara ini telah diberitahu oleh Menteri sumber Manusia YB Dato Seri Dr S.Subramaniam Menteri Sumber  Manusia yang juga Timbalan Presiden MIC Kebangsaan.

Beliau telah berjumpa dengan pemimpin-pemimpin Barisan Nasional dan NGO tempatan hari ini dan memberitahu hal ini.

Pakatan Pembangkang yang melaung-laungkan pembinan sekolah ini akan membisu setelah mendengar announcement ini!

Dalam pada itu sekolah ini yang bakal akan didirikan adalah sebuah sekolah bantuan penuh kerajaan akan mempunyai segala kemudaan!

Tender untuk sekolah ini akan dikeluarkan pertengahan bulan Disember dan pembinaan akan bemula pada bulan januari 2012.

Menteri sumber manusia Dato Seri Dr Subra juga melawati tapak pembinaan sekolah ini.

DR Subramaniam dalam sidang media tempatan.

Dr Subaramaniam dan Ahli Parlimen Padang Serai YB N.Gobalakrishnan melawat tapak pembinaan SJKT Paya Besar.

MIC Baru 
A Pakatan Rakyat state assemblyman has dismissed allegations by certain quarters, including a few Indian-based NGOs, that the Kedah state government had not done much for the Indians there. According to Bukit Selambau ADUN S. Manikumar, the state government had done its best to help the community bearing in mind its ‘limited resources’: “It’s unfair to expect Pakatan to clean up all the mess left by the Barisan Nasional in more than 50 years within three years."

The Indians already punished BN for this, now they are looking at what has happened good for them since 8 March 2008! This is the same old excuse, “cleaning up the mess of 50 years can’t be done in 3 years”. Some of the mess can be cleared in a short time, provided there is will power. Our dear Ustaz Azizan cannot be bothered about the Indians in Kedah. If he has, it will be good for the Kedah Pakatan State Government to come out with its report card to show what difference has been made.

As the MIC now understands, Indians are no longer happy if they are granted a meeting or audience to inform their demands and present their needs. The PAS MB has many meetings with Indians with zero results. That is why Ustaz Azizan will never issue a report card detailing what PAS-Pakatan has done for Indians in Kedah.

S. Manikumar made a big deal about giving out RM229,000 for 58 schools in Kedah. This is nothing to shout about as it works out to barely RM4,000 per school. You can say that this is something new and that the previous government hadn’t given anything but “giving something is better than nothing” won’t work anymore because the other party can give something more than the “something” you are giving.
Since 2008, BN has committed nearly RM300,000,000 to SJKTs throughout the country to rebuild old buildings, expand and build new buildings and to do general needed repairs. This is 1300 times what the Kedah PAS-Pakatan Government has done.
The Kedah Indian EXCO should inform us of what is the status of the land allocation for schools. For the last 3 years, don’t tell me they can’t even get land for any of the 49 partially-aided schools in Kedah? We hope YB S. Manikumar can give some straight answers on this. You are not the Opposition anymore, it is not enough to just talk and talk and complain about MIC or BN. The people are watching to see if you are delivering!

MIC Baru

NB: This is a letter posted by a an Indian in Harakah english version. See Kedah PAS government failed Indians! Its a true! The Truth Always Hurts!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Bukti Pakatan Kedah Sudah Lumpuh: 12,000 orang hadir program jamuan Sepetang !Malaysia dengan YAB Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tansri Hj Muhyiddin Yasin! Kerajaan pimpinan PAS sudah lumpuh dengan kehadiran yang besar!. Khemah penuh dengan orang. Di luar Khemah lebik kurang dua ribu orang! Lihat gambar-gambar ini! Rakyat masih percaya Barsan Nasional.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Is there any future for Indians in PKR? These to MPs are well known outspoken leaders in PKR! In PKR party election Padang Serai MP YB N.Gobalakrishnan supported Zaid Ibrahim for the Deputy President post! After many arguments with the party leadership he left PKR!

Kapar MP YB S.Manikavasagam is famous for sand problems in Selangor! His cars and house splashed with red paint for digging sand problem!?

These two leaders are die hard workers of PKR!  YB Gobala left! YB Manik as famously known as Mic will recontest in Kapar?

Indians in PKR have future?

Is YB Manoharan Malayalam will be replaced (This confirmed by YB Mano in FB and said he will fight for it)  by Ganapathi Rao in Kota Alam Shah? Is it due to the flag issue, suspended and lifted the suspension?

If so who will be replace Lim Guan Eng?. He was involved in Johor issue and ask pardon to Tuanku Sultan Johor!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Batu Kawan: Bilakah rumah-rumah bekas pekerja Ladang Batu Kawan akan dapat kunci? Dari tahun 2008 DAP perintah Negeri Pulau pinang! Sampai hari ini bekas pekerj-pekerja Ladang Batu Kawan tak dapat kunci rumah!

Syarikat pembangunan masih Abad Nalurikah atau pun telah ditukar?

Is MIC never do for Indians?
MIC owned MIED given 13,371 study loans amounting to
RM 96,074,441.97
disbursed since 1984 to 2009

Some learned people just averaging the amount with number of years and telling the amount is very less!
We must understand certain things:
1. Course fees during that time may be lower
2. Inflation
These 2 things we must take into consideration! Indians must know the reality and truth! The truth always hurts!
Parti Cinta Malaysia akan menghulurkan RM1K stiap pemain squad Bolasepak Malaysia HARIMAU MALAYA. Pakatan Pembangkang jangan kelentong aje, Ini adalah satu contoh! Ikut ajelah! Berapa u ornag mau bagi?

Dr Wan Azizah
Saifudin Nasution
 Prof Dr.P.Ramasamy

Pemimpin-pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat yang sudah block saya dalam twitter! Gambar dalam post ini akan bertambah lagi! Leaders must accept critics!
Bravo Harimau Malaya! You shine the nation's name! You are the supreme of soccer in South East Asia now! Hidup Harimau Malaya!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Kerajaan PAS Kedah merampas tanah kubur Hindu di Kuala Ketil Kedah! sila lihat billboard di atas.  Kelentong PAS! Sila baca kandungan dalam box!
Kerajaan Pusat Barisan Nasional bagi RM600,000 untuk project pembangunan Kuil Sri Muniswarar Jalan Baru Perai! Barisan nasional for everybody!
Bilakah Kuil Sri Maha Muthu Mariamman Hi tech Park Kulim ini boleh dapat tanah sendiri! Janji Pilihanraya  sudah jadi kosong le!
Mana ada bagi duit untuk sekolah-sekolah Tamil Negeri Kedah pada tahun 2008,2009 & 2010 oleh kerajaan PAS Negeri Kedah! Buktikanlah!