Monday, 30 January 2012

New politics for brighter future

Sunday, January 29, 2012 - 22:12
WE are now coming into the second month of 2012 – the year most political analysts calculate the 13th General Election (GE13) would be held.

A great deal has been discussed pertaining to GE13.

Some of the discussions are quite articulate and objective. However, there are some, and possibly the larger one, which are simply speculative, manipulative, and hence, not productive.

To me, after more than 50 years of independence; with a more educated population; the advent of technology; the experiences of 12 GEs and Parliament improving the election system; new realities that are fast changing the political landscape; Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak’s commitment to a more progressive democracy through political transformation programmes; and left with only eight years to achieve the status of a developed nation, as stipulated by Vision 2020 — where one of its challenges is to become a mature democratic society, surely we need to put more effort in bringing our political conversations to a higher level.

To most people: the young, professionals, the educated, business and civil societies – the non-partisans who form the majority come voting day, they want to see politics with more substance rather than more of the same.

As a rookie MP, in 2008, I wrote a book entitled New Politics. It was launched by Najib who was then deputy prime minister.

New politics has no specific definition. And I do not claim to be the one who coined the term. What is important is the realisation and commitment to pursue and establish a new political culture that is cleaner, healthier, mature and progressive.

New politics comprises four major components.

Firstly, political integrity. It is intended to protect the supremacy of the Constitution and the constitutional monarchy, the democratic system, to enhance the role of Parliament, and to practise political integrity, i.e., with values, ethics, transparency, accountability and good governance.

Weaknesses and shortcomings, for example, money politics, corruption, defamation, sabotage, cronyism and nepotism, need to be rectified.

Political integrity is also about a struggle, a principle or an idealism that is combined with activism and intellectualism, based on knowledge, wisdom and service.

Secondly, the practices of good governance are part of the new governance framework. But the new governance framework is wider than good governance.

Let me explain.

It refers to a framework of administration. There are three sectors or stakeholders in nation building — the state; business and civil society.

What is needed is for all three sectors to participate as genuine partners in decision-making structures and processes in every spectrum of our life and at every level.

Thirdly, innovations in democracy. Many people, especially the young, are very cynical and sceptical towards politics. Fortunately, they still have faith in democracy. But, with a condition: Democracy is reformed!

FOR A BETTER FUTURE: The voting public wants to see politics with more substance rather than more of the same
In light of this, we should embark upon innovations in democracy. We should make our democracy more participatory and deliberative by establishing platforms so that more people can participate in making decisions. Examples are town hall meetings, grass root people assemblies, labs, students/youths parliaments and various forms of e-participation.

As an MP, I organise a mini-parliament called Temerloh Parliament Consultative Council. Finally, we come to progressive political thoughts.

All of us aspire for a good society. A good society should be built on certain thrusts. For example, faith in God, knowledge culture, civilisation building, moderateness, social justice, democratic participation and economic and environmental sustainability.

But these are broad themes. They need to be discussed further.

New politics is not about starting from zero or trying to be a hero. Rather, it is about complementing and improving the many good institutions and traditions that we already have, but are in dire need of re-thinking and innovating due to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The above mentioned components and contents of new politics are not exhaustive. We can improve on it. Who knows, conversations on it may influence the outcome of GE13.

Thanks Malay Mail

Friday, 27 January 2012

Parti Cinta Malaysia gegarkan Kubu PKR Macang Bubuk

Semalam Parti Cinta Malaysia buat satu jamuan sempena dengan Tahun Baru Cina! Sambutan yang amat gemuruh. Lebih kurang 500 orang hadir dan memberi sokongan yang penuh kepada Major Huan, Naib Presiden party itu!

Walaupun Major Huan berada atas wheel chair buat sementara tetapi beliau masih datang untuk berjumpa penduduk Macang Bubuk! Beliau menegaskan Kerajaan Pulau Pinang yang tidak menghiraukan rakyat Penang yang berpendapatan rendah.

PDC yang patut membuat rumah kos rendah di Penang tidak buat selepas kerajaan Penang diambil oleh DAP tambah beliau,

Mereka yang hadir adalah daripada pelbagai parti. Ada juga yang datang  daripada parti DAP & PKR. Ini menunjukkan PKR losing support!

Parti PKR yang menang dalam PRU12 di Macang Bubuk telah hilang sokongan daripada penduduk-penduduk KADUN Macang Bubuk.


Saturday, 14 January 2012

Youth's Intellectual Mind: Biadap! Mahasewel mahu bom helicopter PM @NajibRaz...

Youth's Intellectual Mind: Biadap! Mahasewel mahu bom helicopter PM @NajibRaz...: Mahasewel robot Anwar kini semakin biadap...! Lihatlah cetakan skrin dibawah : Adakah ini satu ugutan? Atau amaran? Penulis berharap p...


KLXpress: TERKINI : PAS PERAK TERPAKSA AKUR dengan ATURAN DA...: PAS PERAK & PKR PERAK TUNDUK PADA KEMAHUAN DAP PERAK ! Semua sedia maklum bahawa pergolakan antara PAS, DAP dan PKR dalam menentuk...

Wish you a Happy Ponggal! Thai poranthaal Vali porakkum! Unggalum pirakkaddumei!

I decided not to whack anybody in this festival day!. If come across.. I have no choice than whack them back!


Friday, 13 January 2012


Perlembagaan Parti Keadilan Rakyat  tidak dihormati! Majlis Pimpinan Negeri & Pusat megikut suka hati jalankan parti. Inilah sebab yang membawa Pemangku Ketua Cabang PKR padang Serai Johari Ismail keluar daripada parti itu dengan serta merta!
Oleh kerana pengurusan parti yang tidak menghormati perlembagaan parti, maka saya keluar daripada parti itu dengan serta merta kata Johari!

Kepimpinan yang tidak bermaruah! Tidak respect kepada pemimpin-pemimpin tempatan yang dipilih secara adil! Lebih baik  saya keluar daripada parti itu katanya.

Dengan Johari Ismail Timbalan Ketua Cabang Padang Serai M.Ravinthiran turut mengeluarkan hasratnya keluar daripada Parti Keadilan Rakyat!

Adakah Keadilan dalam Parti Keadilan Rakyat?


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Conspiracy against Anwar Ibrahim? 

See you... bye

Pakatan Rakyat and PKR leaders say this to the people! 09/01/2012 is the day of the determination to Anwar Ibrahim!

As at today Anwar Bin Ibrahim the Party Keadilan Rakayat's Supremo going all around and campaigning about his sodomy 2 case. According to him and all PR leaders it is a conspiracy! 

This kind of accusation is not new for him. Its started way from 1998. The first person charged and sentenced is Sukma!

Here, I don't like to disturb the rubbish! The whole world is watching! What is the judgement look like on 09/01/2012? Is the judgement will favor to Anwar or Saiful?

There are to campaign going around! One is #Justice4saiful901! another one is #BebasAnwar 901! Justice for Saiful is a logic. Anwar never sentenced but the campaign going around is #BebasAwar901!! Irrelevant isn't it?

To me, Justice for Saiful is an ultimate important! The other side PR supporters planned a demo a huge demonstration in Jalan Duta Court Parking lots! However the police has give 10 conditions to the demonstrators.
Sukma Darmavan

Its up to them to follow or going against the police. But I believe the police force will do its part. But I surprised that the Malaysians never support the victim of sodomize and for his justice. They are aligned behind the accused!

If not Saiful these are the Jambu people alway linked to the supremo!


Saiful sweared! Why not Anuwar?


Dr Munawar

Azizan Abu Bakar


Friday, 6 January 2012

bournenaked's Photo on Lockerz

bournenaked's Photo on Lockerz

bournenaked's Photo on Lockerz

bournenaked's Photo on Lockerz

Ramasamy faces sacking or suspension

EMBATTLED Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P. Ramasamy is finding himself pushed further into the corner as the number of disciplinary complaints piles up against him.

He faces the possibility of being suspended or even sacked if found guilty.
 The DAP national disciplinary committee is expected to meet soon to decide on Ramasamy's fate.
    This comes in the wake of three additional complaints filed against him this week, bringing to four the number of reports lodged against him.
    The complaints   concerned  his spat with party chairman Karpal Singh and a  breach of  gag order issued by a "high-powered" committee formed to resolve the issue.
The first complaint was lodged by Juru branch chairman Tan Ah Huat immediately after the Penang DAP convention on Dec 11.    The others were filed on Tuesday by Seri Delima assemblyman R.S.N Rayer and a number of state DAP delegates.
The complainants have called for action to be taken against Ramasamy for defying a gag order issued by the three-man committee comprising DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, life adviser Dr Chen Man Hin and party adviser Lim Kit Siang.
Ramasamy was also accused of arranging a "rowdy and disgraceful" demonstration in front of the convention venue and associating himself with individuals who were seen carrying banners condemning Rayer and Bagan Dalam assemblyman A. Tanasekharan.
The same individuals were also said to have hurled abuses at Karpal upon his arrival at the venue.
 Ramasamy is in for some tough questioning on his behaviour at the convention and alleged association with people from the underworld.
Those who have filed the complaints are  expected to provide the disciplinary committee with documentary evidence and witnesses to substantiate their allegations against the first-term politician.
   "These are  serious complaints and Ramasamy must clear himself of all the charges. 
"Otherwise, he may well end up being suspended or, worse still,  expelled from the party," a source said, adding that Ramasamy's position as deputy chief minister was  at stake.
 If drastic action is taken against Ramasamy, it could well spell the end of his short-lived political career as the DAP is unlikely to field a person who is serving out a suspension order in the next general election.
"If that happens, Ramasamy can forget about  being re-elected as  assemblyman or  re-appointed as  deputy chief minister," the source added.
 Earlier this week, a group of local Indian residents demanded that Ramasamy resign immediately as  Hindu Endownment Board chairman.
Even Karpal had openly asked him to quit as deputy chief minister by stating that it was no longer tenable for Ramasamy to hold on to the post.
Ramasamy has  responded that he would leave it to the DAP leadership to determine his fate.


Pro-Saiful group plans rally on Jan 9

Pro-Saiful group plans rally on Jan 9

Meet police to discuss suitable venue, IGP tells Jan 9 rally organisers

Meet police to discuss suitable venue, IGP tells Jan 9 rally organisers

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Baru-baru ini Pejabat Daerah Kulim telah menghantar surat kepada kedai-kedai yang menjual arak yang memabukkan di daerah Kulim.

Kebanyakkan pengusaha kedai-kedai arak adalah keturunan Cina! Pejabat daerah Kulim telah memberi cuma satu penggal sahaja untuk menjalankan perniagaan arak itu. Malah selepas tempoh itu lesen akan batal secara otomatik!

Inilah kerjasama PAS dan DAP di Kedah. Tidur satu katil mimpi lain! Dalam pemerintahan Barisan Nasional mereka tidak mencampur tangan dalam hal-hal kaum lain. Tetapi PAS sekarang sudah mau interfere dalam hal kaum lain.

Pembatalan lesen in adalah SATU HADIAH KEPADA DAP oleh PAS. DAP yang selalulunya melaungkan multi rasial apa nak comment dalam hal ini. Mau diam ke? 


Monday, 2 January 2012


Butterworth People Protest
Butterworth Hindu people staged a protest againts Penang DAP government today! A group of 70 people turned to protest at Jalan Siram off Jalan Telaga Air at Sivan temple.

The land belongs to Butterworth Mariamman Temple. The PHEB, rented out(?)  part of the land to a Chinese Used Car company. A Heritage Indian land rented to a Chinese company.

This land is used by temples during the festival time for certain ceremonies! But now its rented to a company created people anger!

Is this people's friendly government?

The rented portion to a Chinese Used car company