Saturday, 31 December 2011

Minda Hijrah: biaDAP !!! 9 kepala babi di Masjid

Minda Hijrah: biaDAP !!! 9 kepala babi di Masjid: Ini perbuatan melampau oleh pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab. Tidak sensitif langsung. Kita tahu juga apa motif sebenar? 9 kepala babi di k...

I would like to wish A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2012!

But I have some dreams to see it to come true in year 2012. Of course I have some personnel dreams which is very personnel! But I have some dreams too:-

1. Let the General Election 13 be held in 2012!

2. Road to Sungai Buluh!

3. Si Azizzan Kedah will be replaced by MB BN di Kedah!

4. Selangor,Kedah,Kelantan, Penang di tangan BN!

5. Nik Aziz, Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and some of BN veteran politicians retire!

6. akan sambung...

Friday, 30 December 2011

Inilah Perangai Kurang Ajar Adam Adli

Adam Adli yang kurang ajar mempersoalkan kedudukan Ketua Pemuda UMNO Pulau Pinang. Inialah "real face" PR (yang Adam follow) ! Dia mengeluarkan kata-kata yang kurang (KELING) ajar terhadap KP UMNO PP. Patutkah rakyat sokong PR yang putar belit!?

Lihatlah kata-kata komen adam yang kurang ajar itu terhadap kaum India! Inikah kahasiswa yang mghura-hurakan oleh mereka! Ini satu generasi yang racist!


Thursday, 29 December 2011

TERBONGKAR: NIAT Jahat Thasleem Ibrahim plan to hijack NIAT!

NIAT Panel
What is NIAT? Many just know the name! NIAT is National Interlok Action Team which formed by by Federation of Indian Organisations (PRIMA) back in December 2010 for the sole reason of demandingfor the removal of the novel Interlok from school syllabus!

However has been officially dissolved as of 27 December 2011, since the Government has decided to remove the  Interlok novel from school syllabus in 2012 onwards. This was announced by the President of PRIMA, Dr. Victor Suppiah in a press conferenc.

However, the ex-Chairman of NIAT, Thasleem Ibrahim has given a statement that NIAT is not dissolved yet. NIAT sources said, Thasleem was appointed to lead NIAT by PRIMA. As such, this action by Thasleem is seen as a personal agenda for selfish motives.
Furthermore the sources said, Thasleem has been making unnecessary comments and remarks by miss-using NIAT's platform. His comments and remarks are his own and do not represent NIAT.
Is he the next Actor  Sivaji Ganesan?
Thasleem's true colors is coming to the forefront now. He doesnt seems to have the community in his agenda. He seems to have his own selfish agenda which is to gain cheap political mileage. This was also evident when he announced that he is joining DAP using NIAT platform. NIAT is apolitical and does not favour any party.
 The actor's drama!

Thasleem has benefited vastly from MIC and now he is using NIAT to degrade MIC. It is well known fact that he is the Consultant for the building of MIED-MIC owned AIMST University in Kedah . Even until today, he is still the Consultant for AIMST. As such, his action is akin to biting the hands that feeds him.
Today the NIAT has been dissolved! But Thasleem saying not! What is his agenda? He can even cry better than the late Actor Sivaji Ganesan!?

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

ROY decided Status Quo on MIYC Leadership


YB Machang: Saifudin Nasution

Many people saying Saifudin Nasution the secretary general of Parti Keadilan Rakyat will be contesting in Kulim Bandar Baharu parliamentary seat! Is it true! Some incidents making it possible. He may contest in Kulim Bandar Baharu!

The Machang Parliament Member is now in Kulim! More than that, He is the newly appointed Chairman of Kulim Golf and Country Resort (KGCR) the Kedah State Owned Company! 

Let us see his background of politics. PAS supporter joined in UMNO!?  Expelled from UMNO in 1999, defected to Parti Keadilan Rakyat as known as Parti Kian Runtuh (PKR).

Today, he is the secretary general of PKR!

He contested in Lunas by-election in the year 2000 following the death of Dr Joe Fernandez! But in the year 2004 General Election he lost to Datuk Lim Bee Kau in Padang Serai Parliamentary seat with majority of 10316 votes!
Datu Lim Bee Kau

There are many reasons why he lost in Padang Serai! He did not go into the field! Do not help the community! But he was only interested in political speeches so called Fuckatan Ceramahs! Then people of Padang Serai - Lunas rejected him!

When people rejected him in Kedah especially Padang Serai he ran to Machang Parliamentary seat in Kelantan, in the year 2008. He contested and won with 1460 votes a simple majority!

Now, PKR sources said he make a come back to Kedah again. This time not in Padang Serai but Kulim Bandar Baharu! A former planter from Kulim forget certain things. Padang Serai is a border town with Kulim.

Many gossips and messages from Padang Serai easily go to Kulim. So, the message to reject Saifudin in Kulim too!

Dato Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzhir
Furthermore, Kulim Bandar Baru Barisan Nasional Division Chairman Dato Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzhir people oriented man is there! Saifudin need to face this young man!

A real joke is PKR is facing lack of leaders in Kedah! Recently Anu announced Surendran may contest in Padang Serai. Followed by Saif in Kulim. Deficit! PKR has been paralyzed in Kedah and overall Malaysia!?

Its proved that Saifudin never stay in a place more than a term! Is Kulim(Kedah) need a leader like this? Better Reject him! Before he reject everybody after election!


Saturday, 24 December 2011

Si Azizan MB Kedah tak tau! Inilah Menteri Besar PAS KEDAH!

Been ransacked! Mentri Besar of Kedah's car  purchased without his knowledge! Oh My God! What kind of Mentri Besar he is?
Ini Kereta MB Kedah Si Azizan!

Ini Kereta YAB Perdana Menteri Malaysia Tok Jib!

 Anda sendiri bezakanlah! Siap pemimpin rakyat dan siapa pemimpin yang maukan luxury! Kalau tanya dia, dia katakan tak tau! Betul dia tak tau apa yang berlaku di Kedah! Lebih baik letak jawatan MB Kedah ajelah!

Ada orang yang gila kuasa di PAS sudah menunggu!


Friday, 23 December 2011

Where is Tamil in DAP website! @dhanyaraam cabar @K_A_Ramu from DAP!

Sudah 122 hari Twitter @dhanyaraam mencabar @K_A_Ramu dari DAP! Memang DAP kata parti mereka adalah sebuah parti yang multi rasial! Tetapi Tiada Bahasa Tamil dalam website mereka.

Kebanyakan ahli dan pemimpin DAP menggunakan dialect Bahasa Tamil. Tetapi Bahasa Tamil tidak diberi keutamaan. Mungkin pemimpin India DAP tak tahu Bahasa Tamil?

K_A_Ramu berkata akan membawa perkara ini ke pucuk pimpinan. Pucuk pimpinan DAP adalah pekak?


Thursday, 22 December 2011


Suddenly appeared the lounge story of  Ethan & Elthon where one of the partner is Wong Seow Ching (so called sleeping partner by her own husband Nga Kor Ming). Wong Seow Ching is a USM graduate but doing tailoring business.

Tender secured company Ethan & Elton with higher quotation and just registered after March 2008! sharing same building of Ngeh & Co the legal firm of then Perak State exco too!
Recently this story sparked in pro BN blogs. And Nga Kor Ming denied his involvement in the tender process! However, the company just formed about a month after the Pakatan Rakyat took over Perak state.

See the truth of Nga Kor Ming's statement. Take this evidence and I would like to suggest all the BN people lodge report against him in Police or MACC! Let them investigate!

Just imagine, in 11 months PR ruling in Perak can happen this cronyism. If we give PUTRAJAYA what will happen? They will pawn us and the nation to the Super powers! Think! Decide!

Ngeh & Nga the famous black metalic
Is she Wong Seow Ching?

Official letter
Evidence to prove that Wong Seow Ching is a "SLEEPING PARTNER" according to her husband David Nga Kor Ming then Perak state exco member!

I think this is enough to lodge a report!

My personnel word to David Nga Kor Ming:
Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper,  but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy! Proverb 28:13
锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 通 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷 锟斤拷


Note of thanks to : Cikgushahi & Alaramkalai

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

From bow to the legs of  DAP's Lim Guan Eng better  prostrate to the God the Almighty
Bow leg!
Bow to the leg is the customs in Indian community.  This is usually, young people make to the elderly. But what has happened in Penang is frustrating. An Indian women (almost same age with him) bow to the legs of Lim Guan Eng! Its a unfortunate to the Indian community! This does not happen in Barisan Nasional nor in MIC!
Unfortunately, DAP Indian leaders in Penang, just seeing this happen! They never stop this too! DAP Indian leaders do not know the Indian customs? Or they want to make Lim Guan Eng  as a political god?

Barisan National leaders usually do what they should do! Never do political drama as opposition doing! Everything sincere!! You see the difference between a Barisan Nasiona leader and a DAP leader.
This is an example BN leader Dato Abdul Aziz Sheik Fadzhir

The Indian community must realize this is not a proper in Indian customs! DAP Indian leaders willing to
mortgage, whatever it takes to get the seat to contest in 13th General Election! But among the Indian leaders in DAP are so many differences! Its like time bomb! Anytime it will blast!!!!

I've seen a large billboard in Penang. In the picture Lim Guan Eng carry baby! Its a same race baby?! Why? Is DAP multiracial? Knock your heart ask yourself!


Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Indeed Dr.P.Ramasamy Deputy Chief Minister II of  Penang and DAP National Deputy President a very brave man who dares take on DAP party elders such as Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh.

Ramasamy is famous among Opposition grass root Indians in Penang. But Ramasamy is now in a state can not defend himself because of all the arrows have been aimed at him. Now, Penang Indian DAP leaders raised flag of war against him.

What he has said? And What is wrong? Its nothing wrong saying that "GODFATHERS" controlling the party. There are some leaders twisted his statement for their own political gains. 

Ramasamy may raised silent cronyism in the way of GODFATHER! Ramasamy's statement merely an open statement. If DAP never practice Godfather system they shouldn't make noise at first place.! However they did it!

From the beginning DAP was branded as chauvinist party. To give Indian face DAP offered Indians higher post such as Deputy Chief Minister II which is not gazetted. But without power. And the power still with Lim Guan Eng.
DAP just giving DAP Indian face. But Indians in DAP powerless except soon outgoing Karpal. 

Indian in DAP and overall must think that DAP is a party not for Indians. Its already branded as Chauvinist Party in opposition line.

Whats happening to Dr Rama will happen to the other Indian leaders! Its started with M.Kula finished him in Party Election in Perak with some Indian betrayers. Followed by Seri Alam ADUN M.Mano. Now, Dr.Rama!

DAP always keep silent on leaders like Nga Kor Ming with his famous statement of BLACK METALIC. Lim Guan Eng downgraded Johor state in foreign country. But took action on Mano for the flog issue. And lifted the suspension to balance the LGE statement. 

Its a party with double standard? Indians must think! Especially Indians in DAP Penang! Until today the 2 Indian leaders in DAP Penang never answered 2 statements threw by DAP socialist Youth leader Satees!. Chauffeur salary with state fund. Then money from developers! Are they willing t o answer?


Saturday, 10 December 2011


My dear brother S.Gobikrishnan!

As you requested more than two times I feel uneasy  and published your letter at below! (reply to my previous letter)

Further more, you twit that I am a coward! Please learn your respect and earn it brother!

I am famous in bamong the bloggers and twitter is secondary! In fact my followers are almost double than yours brother!
Its shows I am more popular than you. I have said that your are pro pakatan man. You denied! Let me ask you something.ho joined in Bersih 2.0 demonstration? Is it Barisan Nasional people? Or 

Bersih 2.0
Pro-Pakatan people?Let me show you something for your viewing before and after tear gas insident.

Then come to my question! Thats all my questions not a statement! 

I have mentioned "may" lead! Its also a question and not a statement!

I would like to bring all this to your attention! If its to be its up you! In future I will never publish your letter! Learn to create your own blog and publish it! And It will help you to publish your ideas!

Thank you and God bless you!



Gobi Krishnan Reply! (The original letter sent)
gobi k
Dec 9 (2 days ago)

to me, info, gknan
Dear bro,
Thank you for uploading my police report as promised. Thank you also for your postings.
I am glad that I am able to assist you by 'making you famous among bloggers and twitters', in your own words. This probably shows that you are not famous previously and that
my assistance was needed to ensure this is done. I also hope that you are not one to seek cheap publicity as many other bloggers and twitters.
Your postings about me was never a translation. It was your own comments. First of all, you referred me as a "Pro-Pakatan man". I am sure this was not in Lopez's police report.
Secondly, you claimed "Meanwhile MIYC sources said S.Gobikrishnan's status is unconstitutional and trying to come with back door"!. Now if this is not your own words, then you are bound to reveal your sources.
Thirdly, the following comments and questions have defamed me. I have reproduced the questions here.
"The question!
1. When S.Gobi Krishnan joined in MIYC?
2. In which meeting he was elected as a Deputy President?
3. Why suddently S.Gobikrishan eyeing for this post?
4. Is it due to general election around the corner?
5. Is S.Gobikrishnan and his team change MIYC to pro PR organization?
"More things will come soon! And this may lead to MIYC de-registration!"
If you look carefully, question number 3, 4 and 5 as above are implying things which is deemed defamatory to me. The same goes with your statement that follows which says that this may lead to MIYC de-registration.
I wish to reiterate as what I have said in my police report that I am a Pro-Rakyat man. I do not belong to any political party. And MIYC is a NGO body, which is apolitical. As such, BN or PR's influence have no relevance here.
I have left it to the authorities to decide on the above matter. Pls also see Makkal Osai newspaper today, page 3 on my news about the issues in MIYC. The police have decided to refer the above defamation issue to the Multimedia and Communication Commission (MCMC) for further action.
So, if you see carefully, I have given deep consideration to all above before making decision to lodge police report. It is not my intention to cause you hardship due to this, but I am just exercising my rights as enshrined in the Federal Constitution. I look forward for this open letter to be published without any alterations in you blog.
Thank you again for your time. I surely hope this open letter will assist you further in making you famous. As they say, what are brothers for.
Best regards,
Gobi Krishnan

Friday, 9 December 2011


Khan of War : The Truth Always Hurts!

Reghu Devan Lopez

My dear brother S.Gobikrishnan!

Greetings to you in the name of above all names "Paramporul"!

Thank you very much to making me famous among bloggers and twitters!
I writing this to explain to you the real picture of the tussle between you and MIYC top leaders(!) such as Reghu Devan Lopez and the president of MIYC.

Please note that the article in my blog is truly a translation! As I promised to you I had published your police report against Reghu Devan Lopez and me the KhanOf War.

The main news is the translation from the original police report made by the Deputy President of MIYC Reghu Devan. And, as a blogger I asked certain questions to answer by you! However you never do so!

Meanwhile, I have written there this tussle may lead to MIYC de-registration. Is it wrong? Then, I never said you are coming to MIYC top post from the back door. I said "MIYC sources said"! Please differenciate all this things!

However, without analyze all this things you just made a police report. Again I congratulating you to made me very famous. And my blog too. I have received so many DMs congratulating me. Thank you for your good job!

I am stressing again any tussle between two parties in same organization will lead to paralyze of that organization.

Thank you and God bless you!



Gobikrishnan's report against Khanofwar & anor

continued reprot page 2

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Reghu Devan Lopez

A police report lodged against SGobikrishnan pro Pakatan manin Central police station Daerah Timur Laut Penang Rpt No. 5581/11 by Malaysian Indian Youth Council - MIYC National Deputy President Mr. Reghu Devan Lopez.

This police report made ​​by Reghu Devan because Gobikrishnan disseminate defamatory sms to members of MIYC! This causes confusion among MIYC members. Furthermore S.Gobikrishnan claims himself as a new National Deputy President of MIYC since 4th Dec 2011.

In that particular sms Gobikrishnan also pulled the former minister's name. To stop all this Reghu Devan lodged a police report agains him.

In other side he said Satish Krishnan is the official National President and his deputy is Reghu Devan Lopez.i Meanwhile MIYC sources said S.Gobikrishnan's status is unconstitutional and trying to come with back door!

The question!
1. When S.Gobi Krishnan joined in MIYC?
2. In which meeting he was elected as a Deputy President?
3. Why suddently S.Gobikrishan eyeing for this post?
4. Is it due to general  election around the corner?
5. Is S.Gobikrishnan and his team change MIYC to pro PR organization?

More things will come soon! And this may lead to MIYC de-registration! 
sms sent by Gobikrishnan

sms continued

Police Report


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Karpal Singh side story
Karpal Singh DAP National Chairman
“No one has the authority to choose or announce candidates and seats.
“Only the top leadership has the rightful privilege to do so,” Karpal, the Bukit Gelugor MP, told FMT here today. Firing a broadside against Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy, Karpal stressed that the party would not hesitate to take stern disciplinary action against the “warlords”.

He was commenting on a recent vernacular newspaper article quoting Ramasamy, a CEC member, as saying that the party had decided to field three Indian women – D Kamachi, Kasturi (daughter of the late DAP stalwart P Patto) , and an unknown lawyer from Penang, Mangleswari.
According to an article, Ramasamy, the Penang DAP deputy chief, has also claimed that he would re-contest both his Prai state and Batu Kawan federal seats.

This has irked Karpal who has repeatedly said that the DAP would field one candidate for one seat in the next polls, albeit minor exemptions to the rule.
Dismissing Ramasamy’s claim that the party had given him the green light to contest both seats, Karpal said the CEC was yet to decide on party candidates and their seats for the next general election.

 Ramasamy Side Story
DCM2 Dr.P.Ramasamy
Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy dismissed claims that he had announced DAP candidates and seats for the general election.

He also denied DAP national chairman Karpal Singh was lashing out at him.
“I still believe that Karpal made a general statement. I will be talking to Karpal on it.
“The news report was twisted to include me,” said Ramasamy, 

 On the issue of the three Indian women, Ramasamy said: “I merely stated that they would be considered.”

We read both side story!
Now the question is who is  telling the truth?

Is Ramasamy supports  more Indian DAP candidates in Penang?

The truth is there is a huge rift among Penang DAP Indians!

Each state assemblyman eying for DCM2 post? There are many DAP pioneers in Penang not happy with new comers who controlled the state committee!

I leave it to you to judge!


From tweets to public debate


Born of a challenge on TwitterJaya, come Sunday, tweets on the Peaceful Assembly Bill will turn public debate, with the main twitterers facing off.
IT was a match made in Twitter. After exchanges confined to 140 characters in TwitterJaya, lawyers Tan Keng Liang and Edmund Bon agreed to bring their debate on the Peaceful Assembly Bill (#pa2011) to the public arena.
And #EdmundBonDebatesTanKengLiang will roar at the Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism & Human Rights (PusatRakyatLB) in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, on Sunday.
Kedah Gerakan Youth chief @TanKengLiang recalled: “I saw #EdmundBonDebatesTanKengLiang on my timeline (on Nov 28) and a tweet by @saroki19 - ‘@EdmundBon agree to live debate #pa2011, well done. @TanKengLiang how? 1Malaysia waiting 4 answer’.”
Tan believed that it would be a great opportunity for him to clarify the misconception over the Bill, and he accepted the challenge.
@EdmundBon, who is with, MyConsti and PusatRakyatLB related:
“On Nov 28 the Bar Council was in the midst of mobilising members to participate in #Walk4Freedom (to protest against #pa2011 at Parliament) and naturally conversations on TwitterJaya veered towards the Bill.
“I was trying to simplify how the Bill detrimentally affects the layperson through #FunFacts and Tan was tweeting in support of the Bill.
“Then out of the blue @saroki19 asked ‘Bon care to debate’, and I said ‘accepted’.”
In explaining his challenge, @saroki19 said he wanted to find out “what kind of man Tan was, as he was famous in TwitterJaya”.
Indeed, in TwitterJaya (the moniker of the Malaysian Twitter­sphere) Tan with 10,578 followers is so popular that he has his own hashtag - #KenLiangMania.
The joke in Twittersphere is if there is an election for P223 TwitterJaya, Tan will win it.
As @kcl1308 pointed out in his tweet: “I can see people are really excited about @TanKengLiang! He (is) almost like a movie star!”
The organiser, @saroki19, noted that there was interest in the debate because people wanted to see Tan in action.
“I want to see whether TKL is as articulate as he is in TJ (TwitterJaya). And the topic is quite hot at the moment,” said @NickLiewKY. He will travel from Penang to Ipoh and then together with @JoLum500 head for Kuala Lumpur to witness the debate.
The debate is a must-watch for @DatuWil as @TanKengLiang is his punching bag.
“I whack him on Twitter when I have a bad day at work,” he said.
“@TanKengLiang is oblivious to his own irritating persistence of fighting a losing cause.”
For example, referring to Perak DAP secretary Nga Kor Ming’s “Black Metallic” remark, @TanKengLiang tweeted: “So, will DAP take any action on @NgaKorMing + @NgehKooHam? Or hope Malaysians will forget about it? @LimKitSiang”.
And @MikiChoo retweeted: “yawWwnn”.
But to Barisan National cyber troopers, Tan is a hero.
@KhanOfWar tweeted: “@TanKengLiang is a real fighter we all #SupportTanKengLiang Kudos!”
Bon, with 3,406 followers, is no pushover in TwitterJaya.
Reading tweets about @EdmundBon, you can sense a certain adoration for him.
#BonCon is a popular hastag. According to him, “activists and friends think that I somehow ‘conned’ them to do activism work”.
Some Twitterers think #EdmundBonDebatesTanKengLiang will be bigger than the October Tweet Festival in Petaling Jaya.
The festival broke the Guinness World Records for the most number of check-ins (1,935) at a Tweetup.
On Saturday, @LimMengKeong tweeted: “I’ve been learning some karate moves to protect @TanKengLiang, just in case some of his fans get too excited.”
Just like maniacal Beatles fans, @PhilipGolingai expects women will throw their panties at Tan while he is debating.
The event will be moderated by @WanSaiful (Wan Saiful Wan Jan, the CEO of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs Malaysia or IDEAS).
And @HoongLing (Chew Hoong Ling, Voice of Women president, kidney donor and Durian FM DJ) has volunteered to cover the event.
Tan is hoping @TonyPua (DAP publicity secretary Tony Pua) will attend the debate so that he can consume a mug of Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia’s (KR1M) Chocolate Malt in front of him.
The challenge (born in TwitterJaya) is if Tan dares to drink the malt drink, Pua will donate RM1,000 to charity.
Yesterday, Pua tweeted three photo­graphs of cheques totalling RM1,000.
Echoing the confusion on #pa2011, @DidiMazril cheekily tweeted in Malay: “You don’t need to apply for a permit to hold this debate?”
And Tan replied: “Police permit not needed 4 debate at @PusatRakyatLB. It’s a private place ..... unless demo outside the building.”
Is it game on for the lawyer vs lawyer debate?
Unlike Opposition MPs who staged a walkout before the Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011 was passed on Tuesday, it was unlikely Bon and Tan would #WalkOut.
And as @SmellyKateMoss tweeted: “Attention TJ! Must see!”