Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Karpal Singh side story
Karpal Singh DAP National Chairman
“No one has the authority to choose or announce candidates and seats.
“Only the top leadership has the rightful privilege to do so,” Karpal, the Bukit Gelugor MP, told FMT here today. Firing a broadside against Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy, Karpal stressed that the party would not hesitate to take stern disciplinary action against the “warlords”.

He was commenting on a recent vernacular newspaper article quoting Ramasamy, a CEC member, as saying that the party had decided to field three Indian women – D Kamachi, Kasturi (daughter of the late DAP stalwart P Patto) , and an unknown lawyer from Penang, Mangleswari.
According to an article, Ramasamy, the Penang DAP deputy chief, has also claimed that he would re-contest both his Prai state and Batu Kawan federal seats.

This has irked Karpal who has repeatedly said that the DAP would field one candidate for one seat in the next polls, albeit minor exemptions to the rule.
Dismissing Ramasamy’s claim that the party had given him the green light to contest both seats, Karpal said the CEC was yet to decide on party candidates and their seats for the next general election.

 Ramasamy Side Story
DCM2 Dr.P.Ramasamy
Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy dismissed claims that he had announced DAP candidates and seats for the general election.

He also denied DAP national chairman Karpal Singh was lashing out at him.
“I still believe that Karpal made a general statement. I will be talking to Karpal on it.
“The news report was twisted to include me,” said Ramasamy, 

 On the issue of the three Indian women, Ramasamy said: “I merely stated that they would be considered.”

We read both side story!
Now the question is who is  telling the truth?

Is Ramasamy supports  more Indian DAP candidates in Penang?

The truth is there is a huge rift among Penang DAP Indians!

Each state assemblyman eying for DCM2 post? There are many DAP pioneers in Penang not happy with new comers who controlled the state committee!

I leave it to you to judge!


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