Wednesday, 21 December 2011

From bow to the legs of  DAP's Lim Guan Eng better  prostrate to the God the Almighty
Bow leg!
Bow to the leg is the customs in Indian community.  This is usually, young people make to the elderly. But what has happened in Penang is frustrating. An Indian women (almost same age with him) bow to the legs of Lim Guan Eng! Its a unfortunate to the Indian community! This does not happen in Barisan Nasional nor in MIC!
Unfortunately, DAP Indian leaders in Penang, just seeing this happen! They never stop this too! DAP Indian leaders do not know the Indian customs? Or they want to make Lim Guan Eng  as a political god?

Barisan National leaders usually do what they should do! Never do political drama as opposition doing! Everything sincere!! You see the difference between a Barisan Nasiona leader and a DAP leader.
This is an example BN leader Dato Abdul Aziz Sheik Fadzhir

The Indian community must realize this is not a proper in Indian customs! DAP Indian leaders willing to
mortgage, whatever it takes to get the seat to contest in 13th General Election! But among the Indian leaders in DAP are so many differences! Its like time bomb! Anytime it will blast!!!!

I've seen a large billboard in Penang. In the picture Lim Guan Eng carry baby! Its a same race baby?! Why? Is DAP multiracial? Knock your heart ask yourself!



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