Thursday, 2 February 2012


Why suddenly Anuwar love to come for Thaipusam? Many people fail to think this! but Anuwar has hidden agenda behind his visit to Thaipusam.

The sources said Anuwar is coming to Penang Thaipusam, this year. He planned to go to Sungai Petani Sri Subramaniar Devastanam Thaipusam thru back door. However more than 20 Indian NGOs in Kedah protested Anuwar's visit in from of the said temple.

The Indians always forgetful! Anuwar has many faces! He is not practising multiracial or multi-religious system which BN always do! When Anuwar was a DPM, he warned Indians (Hindus) that he will stop ringing the temple bell.

Suddenly he became so innocent! He wants to show to the public that he is accepting multi-racial and multi-religious system! IT'S NO!

The truth is Fuckatan Pembangkang lost Indians support. 

In Kedah, Although Indians are in various political parties they are united in religious festivals. Anuwar uneasy on this! He wanted to keep Indian divided! He moved his trump card! Visit Thaipusam is the best choice to Anuwar to keep Indians divided.

If he comes to Thaipusam Indians (Hindus) will concentrate  his visit rather than mixing with friends! that is his ultimate thinking!

What happened to PKR Indians?

Anuwar doesn't like Indians to be united! Simple! He doesn't like to keep popular Indian leaders in his own family party PKR! Good example - YB Gobalakrishnan the MP for Padang Serai sidelined in Anuwar's family party. YB Gobala is a victim of Anuwar's racial politics and divide and rule concept. Anuwar like to keep unpopular Indian leaders beside him! It will not stop here. Kapar MP's faith will be known soon!

Where Anuwar went in Batu Pekaka Hindu Cemetery issue?

I am very surprised with Anuwar! Where he went during Batu Pekaka Hindu Cemetery issue! The PR-PAS led Kedah state government robe the cemetery from the local Hindus! 100 over yrs graveyards shifted to another place. The Kedah State Indian Exco and Anuwar's puppet, S.Manikumar joined hand with him!

If Anuwar really love Thaipusam and Hindus-Indians, Why never stop the cemetery robe? All hidden agenda of Anuwar! Anuwar uses Indians like pickle and curry leaves. Now he is scared that PR lost Indians support!

Indians especially PR Indians must rethink to support him. Anuwar has many faces! only people very close to him know this!!!


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