Sunday, 5 February 2012

PANAS: Exco India PKR S.Manikumar Kelentong : Cuti Thaipusam

Private sector not keen on Thaipusam holiday, kelentong exco member S.Manikumar

Inilah tiga manusia yang tipu kaum India di Negeri Kedah berkenaan cuti Thaipusam!

KEDAH state executive councillor S.Manikumar said the move to declare Thaipusam a state holiday in Kedah was met with objections from the private sector.

He said the state government had agreed to a request by the state PKR to declare Thaipusam a state holiday.
However, the move was delayed due to the refusal by the manufacturing sector to support it. The management of the factories had said the additional holiday would force them to incur losses.

Manikumar kelentong lagi, discussions were now being held with the representatives of the private sector to ensure that everyone agreed to the state holiday.

Hello PR Exco cum PAS government I have few questions to ask to you:

1) For a simple by election in Permatang Pauh, Penang government  declare a public holiday on polling day. Why can't you declare? And blame private sectors?

2) What happened to you election promise of Thaipusam holiday?

3) Are you agree that Kedah State government is  irrelevant? And private sectors never respect you?

4) You people just cheat Indians for votes only!


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