Saturday, 24 March 2012


PKR's de facto leader cum Opposition leader Anuwar Ibrahim is going around and giving empty promises to rakyat!
Empty promises are not new to Fucktan Rakyat and PKR! The latest empty promise is to remove PTPTN loan.

Pre-GE13 Anuwar promised many things but not fulfilled!

1. Swear on the head of a old man in Kampung Buah Pala Penang. He promised to make Kampung Buah Pala as a Heritage Village of Indians if Penang government take over by Fuckatan Rakyat! But Fuckatan took over Penang at the same time eradicated Kampung Buang Pala from Penang Map!

2. In Kedah Anuwar gave empty promise to declare a state public holiday for Thaipusam if Fuckatan take over the state! Already 4 years! No public holiday granted!

3. Anuwar (empty) promised to Hindus that no temples will be demolished in Fuckatan States! Yet many temples demolished!

Anuwars new empty promises

1. Reduce petrol price

2. Remove PTPTN

And more will come soon for the sake of getting votes! At last it will remain as an empty promise. A simple public holiday for Thaipusam  in Kedah cannot be granted. How can Anuwar will fulfill all his empty promises?

Beware all rakyats! Don't believe all his promises! Its all for the sake of his day dream PM Chair only!


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