Friday, 30 March 2012

Nah! free eduction? Liars!

This famous empty promise man said free education until university

If Fuckatan take over Putra Jaya free education will be their policy! How to trust them? See some of their attitude here:

University Utara Malaysia
Last year University Utara Malaysia shocked with 10 folds increase of their quit rent! The university used to pay RM150,000 in quit rent. the amount increased to RM1.8mil after the Fuckatan Pembangkang took over Kedah state.

AIMST University
Now its AIMST University turn. Kedah state government of PAS increased almost 500%. Earlier AIMST was paying RM100,000 as their quit rent to the Kedah State government. A new letter sent to them. The quit rent increased to RM560,000. Wow!

Further more its back dated to year 2008. So the quit rent of AIMST revised and the university management have to pay approximately RM1.7 million!

This is the great news about the opposition! As the GE13 nearing, Fuckatan making lot of empty promises! The promises will remain as promises. The latest empty promise is free education. But this fellows making choke of educational institution. Preacher doesn't practise!


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  1. U know Anwar, he will promise anything.....he doesn't care bcoz he knew very well he's not going to be PM.


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