Wednesday, 21 March 2012


This year Kulim Town Council (Majlis Perbandaran Kulim Kedah as known as MPKK) appointed town councilors from Pakatan Rakyat component parties PKR,PAS and DAP!

Town councils are directly under state government governance! MPKK under Kedah PAS-PR government!

In year 2011 they were 3 Indian town councilors from PKR and DAP (PKR 2 & DAP 1) however the situation changed in year 2012!

Town  councilors of MPKK
The DAP can't change its councilor because DAP has prominent Indian leader! But the PKR dropped 2 Indian councilors! Further more they never replaced with any Indian reps! The 2 former councilors were unhappy on this issue!

The writer checked with one of the top leader in PKR ( a non Malay) and he commented that the state level PKR leadership never listen to the grass root level! It shows PKR becoming more racist and never respect Indian members in their so called justice party!

I feel very sorry for the Indians in PKR!


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